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Home Drain inspection

Camera inspections enable our technicians to inspect the state of your drains without doing any damage to your home. No digging, nor breaking down of walls is necessary whatsoever.

With our specialized drain cameras, we can inspect any of the drainpipes in your home, from the 1 inch drain to the 6 inches drains. This covers all the pipes in your home.

One very serious problem that a camera inspection can uncovers is of tree roots in the drains. These manifest as hair-like roots that squeeze through tiny cracks or loose joints. As the roots grows and expand they cause larger and larger holes.

Tree roots can cause huge problem. The best solution is to request a camera inspection. If there are any manifesting in your drains, they will be promptly removed. For this purpose, you need to employ a knowledgeable service with experience removing tree roots. Some roots removal methods merely flatten them against the drain, unclogging the drain but not dealing with the source of the problem.

Other reasons to ask for a camera inspection before purchasing a home.

Camera inspections are strongly recommended before purchasing a home. They will uncover other important information on the state of the drains and sewers such as;

  • Are the drains fitted with backup flow protection?
  • Are there debris or anything more in the drain?
  • Are the joints of the drain and the main sewer pipe tight?
  • Are there debris accumulating in the drain?
  • Are the drains obstructed or blocked?

These are good reasons for you to consider ordering a drain inspection. What the inspection reveals could save you a lot of money.

You should always ask for a camera inspection when –

  • You are looking to insure your home
  • You are renovating your basement
  • You are selling your house

That is not all. We can also produce camera inspection reports for you. These are crucial when dealing with an insurance agency. In fact, most insurance agents require that you have a drains and sewers systems inspection report.

So, if you are looking to purchase a new home and need a camera inspection done on the property, give us a call. We always recommend to our clients to view the inspection as it is happening, and to have a firsthand look at the state of the drainage system.

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