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No one enjoys the idea of awakening in the middle of the night to flooded basement, but these things happen. The worst part is, if you leave it unattended, the worst the damages become. That’s why 5 Star Drain offers 24/7 drain cleaning services in Rosemere, North Shore, call us at 514-316-1043. We offer reliable, high-quality drain cleaning services, deliver by professionals.

5 Star Drain is a locally owned and fully licensed drain and sewer cleaning company. Our plumbers are certified experts in drain cleaning. Save our number in your contacts and remember to call the next time you need emergency plumbing repair.

Keeping your drainage system clean and free of any debris, not only makes your life easier, but it also protects your drains from clog. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about their drains until there’s a problem, and you may wonder when it’s time to call a professional plumber for drain cleaning.

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Here are the advantages of dealing with a professional drain cleaning expert.

  • They know the best solutions for each problem
  • They have the right equipment and training on how to use it
  • When they solve a problem, the solution is likely to last longer
  • The methods they use are safe. No damage to your pipes or home
  • They are ready to deal with a problem no matter the time of day or night

When drains have difficult to unclog, our drain cleaning services can will eliminate the blockage and return your pipes to a like-new state. Call us today and ask about our drain maintenance package or to schedule a drain cleaning session.

If you live in Rosemere, North Shore, and your drain clogs, you can reach us at 514-316-1043. Our professional drain cleaning experts are ready 24/7 to respond to your emergencies.

Drain cleaning services

There are signs you can look out for which will indicate you when your drain are starting to clog. The important thing is to always stay alert and recognize them when you see them. This will help you get ahead of trouble before it becomes worse.

The most common signs that your drains are clogging is:

  • Water draining too slowly from your sink or bathtub. This shows something is restricting the smooth flow of the water in the drainpipe.
  • When you flush the toilet, water in the toilet bowl rises above the normal level.
  • You can hear gurgling noises in the drainpipe whenever water is passing through. This shows there is air trapped in the drainpipe, and this can only happen when there is a blockage.
  • Water backs up the drain. This is especially noticeable in the basement facilities or floor drain.

Any of these signs should alert you to trouble brewing in the drain. When you notice any of the signs, schedule a drain inspection, or talk to a drain cleaning expert and discuss the problem with them.

One thing you can do to avert problems with your drain is to schedule a drain maintenance cleaning service. Even once a year is enough to prevent many of the causes of a clogged drain. This is because most drain clogs develop slowly over time, and a scheduled cleaning will clear any developing blockage.

5 Star Drain does both preventive and emergency drain cleaning services. For preventive drain cleaning, where the goal is to clean the whole drainage system to prevent clogs from developing, we recommend high-pressure cleaning.

With high-pressure cleaning, we use a pressure washer to bring water taken from a hydrant to very high pressure. Using a hose and specially designed nozzles, we inject the water into the drainpipe, knocking out and clearing out anything in the drainpipe that may cause a clog.

For emergency drain cleaning services, the equipment used depends on the blockage. We mainly use a rooter, which is a special machine with a metal rod that is designed to remove clogs from a drain.

The drain cleaning services offered include:

  • Tree roots removal – Tree roots can get into main drain through tiny cracks or spaces in the drain joints. When they do, they feed on the water in the drainpipe and can grow until they completely block the main drain.
  • Main drain cleaning services – Wastewater from every drainpipe in the house ends up in the main drain. When the main drain clogs; it’s usually a major blockage. Signs of a blocked main drain show first in the basement where you will notice water backing up out of the floor drain and bathroom utilities.
  • Kitchen drains cleaning services – When we use soap to clean dishes on the kitchen sink, the soap scum, and grease, and food particles from the utensils, washes down the drains. This causes clogs in the kitchen drains. Water draining too slowly from the sink is a sure sign of a clog in the kitchen drain.
  • Toilet drain unclogging – When the toilet clogs, it is a messy situation. Clogs in the toilet drain are usually caused by baby wipes, paper towels, and other non-flushable items that inevitably get flushed. When the water level in the toilet rises above the normal level, don’t wait until it overflows; call us.
  • Bathroom drains cleaning services – Hair and soap residue are the major causes of clogs in the bathroom drains. When a blockage occurs, the sink or bathtub will start draining slower, and water will start pooling around the drains.
  • Garage drain cleaning services – Cars bring dirt and debris into the garage, especially during winter. These are the materials that cause clogs in the garage drain.
  • Outdoor drain cleaning services – Surface runoff has to flow out of the property, and this is the job of the outdoor drain. However, this water carries leaves and other dead vegetation and dirt, which get dumped into the outdoor drain and are the major cause of clogs in this drain.
  • Floor drain cleaning services – Basements are equipped with floor drains, whose jobs are to drain away excess water. It is important to keep these drains clear
  • Drain camera inspections – Sometimes there is a need to see what is inside the drain system. It could be to locate a blockage, or verify the state of a drain system when buying a house. Whatever the reason, if you need accurate and reliable drain cleaning services, call us.
  • Inspection reports – When insuring your property, or filing an insurance claim, you need proof in the form of an inspection report. We provide four types of inspection reports.
    • Pre-Purchase insurance reports
    • Insurance inspection reports
    • Insured damage reports
    • Drain camera inspection reports

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