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Is your drain clogged? Call 5 Star Drain at 514-316-1043 for fast and convenient drain cleaning services. We are available 24/7 and we are always ready to deal with your clogged drain emergency.

5 Star Drain is a licensed and insured company that focuses on helping customers keep their drians running smoothly, 365 days a year, through proper drain maintenance. Our plumbers are highly trained and certified, we ensure that when we come to your residence to clean a drain, we do so with expertise, leaving the drain clean of any blockages and your home undamaged.

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Eventually, every home or business will have the un-pleasurable experience of dealing with a clogged drain. Kitchen drains are used every day, and down these drains go grease, and food remains. These are the materials that slowly accumulate inside the pipes and in due time, get big enough to disrupt the smooth flow of water through the drain.

To prevent emergencies caused by clogged drains, you should make sure you clean your drains regularly. It is recommended you clean your drain system at least once every year before a clog gets big enough to cause serious trouble. We recommend taking proper measures to keep the drain clear, like not flushing un-flushable materials such as paper towels and dental floss. To avoid all the troubles of having to deal with a clogged drain, schedule a drain cleaning service once a year, it will be much cheaper and you don’t risk getting a headache from all the stress.

To schedule a drain cleaning service or if you have an emergency, call us at 514-316-1043. We are always available and ready to serve you.

Drain Cleaning services

When cleaning a drain, our plumbers use the proper tools to clear the blockage and locate the drain which needs cleaning before starting the job. For most drains, a rooter, which is a machine hooked up to a metal rod, is used to clean the drain by pushing out the dirt from the pipe. Other times, we might use high-pressure cleaning depending if grease deposits are within the drain. It all depends on what the expert cleaning your drain deems most appropriate for the situation.

High-Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is an effective non-destructive method of cleaning a drain using pressurized water. Using a pressure washer and a specially designed hose that can withstand water streaming through it at very high pressure – about 4,000 psi, the drainpipe will be scrubbed clean. The scrubbing comes from the action of the nozzles we use, which jet water at angles clean the surface of the drain.

If you need the drains in your commercial or residential property cleaned, ask for high-pressure cleaning.

Other than high-pressure cleaning we also do:

  • Toilet unclogging – When toilets clog you will know trouble when you notice the water level in the toilet bowl starts rising after flushing. If you are not experienced in using a plunger, the best cause of action is to call a drain cleaning expert to handle the situation for you.

  • Bathroom drains cleaning – Bathroom drains can be challenging to keep clear. Soap, shampoo, hair, toothpaste, and dental floss sometimes find their way down this drain causing clogs. When you notice water backing up and out of your bathtub or shower drain, or water draining slowly from the bathroom sink, you know you have a problem. Keep them clean through regular cleaning services or call us if you notice any signs of a clog. The earlier the better.

  • Floor drain cleaning – Floor drains are designed to clear water from your floors since stagnated water can cause damage, not to mention the potential for bacteria it creates. If you notice water pooling around the drain opening or even backing up out of it, you have a clog that needs clearing.

    Other drain cleaning services include:

  • Kitchen drain cleaning services

  • Garage drain cleaning services

  • Driveway drain cleaning services

  • Outdoor drain cleaning

For these and any other type of drain cleaning needs, give us a call.

Video Camera Inspection.

Apart from cleaning drains, we also inspect them with our drain cameras. When doing a drain inspection we employ modern, cutting edge video camera technology to ensure we do an accurate assessment of the drainage system.

When doing a drain inspection, a technician will insert a waterproof camera that is attached to a rod into a drain through the drain opening. As the camera is pushed down the drain, it will record images of the drainpipe and send them to a video display unit where the technician will be able to see the state of the drain. As this is going on the images are recorded and are available to you in digital format.

Other than locating a clog, drain inspections are useful evidence of the state of a drain system at a particular point in time. The digital recording of a drain inspection can be used as evidence for insurance purposes such as inspecting your back water valve. We also do other types of inspections:

If you ever need an inspection report, do not hesitate to call us, because our inspection reports are accurate and reliable.

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5 Star Drain has been serving the residential and commercial property owner of Terrebonne for years. From our impeccable service and dedication, we have acquired loyal and appreciative customers. Time and again, they have relied on us to deal with their drain cleaning needs and we have never disappointed them.

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Drain 5 Étoiles sont professionnels, efficaces et respectent le budjet. Le technicien était très gentil et agréable. Je recommande Drain 5 Étoiles.


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When you have a clogged drain that is inconveniencing you, just dial 514-316-1043. We will respond quickly and clear the blockage because understand the inconviance of having a blacked drain, so if you have an emergency, do not hesitate to call.