High-Pressure Water Drain Cleaning

Montreal 5 Star Drain uses high pressure water line jets to blast away loose sediment, grease, and waste to effectively clean the inside of your drain and sewer pipes in the ground when it is called for. We still use mechanical drain snakes for removing blocked pipes under the ground, but there are many blockages too tough for a drain snake, and for these high pressure jetting works perfectly.

We also use high pressure water jetting to clean out drains in basements and to blast the heavy grease that builds up in commercial sewer lines.

High-Pressure cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is a combination of water, driven at very high pressure machine, and special nozzles designed to blast through any form of blockage in a drain.

It is a very safe method of cleaning the drain because water is not corrosive. High-pressure cleaning will scrub your pipes clean. It will not require us to damage any part of your house; instead, our professional technicians will use the drain openings already there.

When you need drain cleaning services calls us for experience our professional services. We are always available, day or night.

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