Drain Maintenance Tips and Insights

Drain Maintenance tips

Efficient Drain Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance on your drains goes a long way when you try to avoid problems in your system. Pouring boiling water down the drain once per week will help break up any errant grease that may have clung to the drain. You should also install filters and traps wherever possible to avoid the impact of things like hair or soap scum building up in the drain.

Clear out your traps regularly as well. You can use a drill if necessary, to avoid any dirt buildup in the actual drain. If you notice any foul smells escaping your drains, it is likely due to a dried trap. If you use the fixture regularly, call a professional to have the trap and the drain attached to it checked and make sure nothing is flowing backward in your system.

Vents on your roof may also be a problem as air is required to push the water through the drains. If the air vents get clogged, sewer gasses can back up into your system and cause toxic fumes or smells to form.

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Drain cleaning. Maintenance tips

  • One a week we recommend running hot water down your drain for about 40 seconds. This will help clear the drain and avoid any blockage that can build up.
  • Garbage disposal are not a trash can. Try to avoid placing items that can block your drain. Click here to learn more about avoiding blocked drains.
  • When unblocking a drain with a plunger in your bathroom, be sure to block the overflow opening to help keep the pressure in the drain.
  • Avoid getting food or grease into your kitchen drain
  • Install small net covers to catch hair and food particles from going down your drains
  • Invest in annual drain cleaning.
  • When to call a plumber?

When to call a plumber?

Removing your building trap is something that can sufficiently help avoid a huge problem in the future. Call 5 Star Drain if you see you have this in your drainage system.

Second, when a floor drain is not used for a long time, the water may evaporate. This, in turn, creates a horrible smell. Therefore, add water to the trough every once and a while. This keeps foul odors from filling your home.

Finally, a drain clean-out is very necessary for drain maintenance. A plumber could potentially install a removable drain cover. It makes future work easier for you or the plumber to check and see the problem with your drains in the future. Saving time and money.

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