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why inspect main drain

Why Inspect My Drain? - Importance and Benefits

When buying another home, you realize that a drain inspection is a significant advance in the home purchasing process. A home inspector will look at the properties outside, upper room, mechanical frameworks, and different regions of the home to ensure you're very much aware of potential issues and what you're going to purchase. What they don't investigate is the main drain between your home and the city sewers, and that could cause some significant issues not far off. This is the reason you should contact a drain specialist like 5 Star Drain.

Problems with a Clogged Drain

Everything may appear to be working correctly with your drains till a sudden blockage from one day to the next. Tree roots in your main drain or other objects may be strolling into a potential pipe debacle. These issues could prompt a stopped-up sink, showers, and toilets. That implies you'll need to dish out for a surprising drain fix or manage different issues due to water harm, which can be over the top expensive. Learn three different ways to clear a stopped-up channel pipe.

Getting a specialist drain cleaning inspector can help you with hindering these dreadful and over-the-top issues. They give new homeowners looking to purchase the capabilities of seeing the state of the drains. In a drain inspection, they will discover problems related to tree roots, not recommended assessing of the property, drains impeded with oil, or whatever different things that could achieve future fixes. Examine these customary drains and sewer issues.

If you have a critical drain issue, you'll have to reveal your entire drain line to fix it, and that will cost countless dollars. A drain cleaning company will ultimately find where the issues are inside your pipe system without revealing your line. They can then recommend the most thoughtful response to the problem and have the water spilling again rapidly.

Video Inspections Are The Best Guarantee!

A plumbing company can provide drain camera inspections within the drain of your home, in addition to cleaning your drains. A drain camera inspection can identify if a drain needs to be repair or replaced.

A drain camera within a dirty drain will display nothing when looking at a monitor. For a plumber to see what is blocking the drain, he must first clean the drain before passing the camera. At this point, whatever was blocking the drain may no longer be in the drain.

Depending on your situation, a sewer camera inspection alone may not be adequate to find potential problems: a leak or smell. With a drain camera, we can see your drains' connections, and we can see where the water flows from one line to another. We can also detect if you have a backwater valve installed or not.

How Does a Drain Camera Inspection Work?

A rooter down the drain must be passed to ensure the camera can go through, then feed the camera in.

Here are some common issues:

  • Offsets in the joints of your drain. Your sewer line is made of segments of pipe joined to one another. After some time, the ground outside your home can move and settle and push the sewer in various ways, causing breaks in the joints.
  • Tree roots entering the drain. This regularly looks like noodles inside the drain. If a break in a sewer happens, water will spill out and attract tree roots. The roots will gather around the dampness area from the leaky drain pipe, and eventually attack the cracked drain, and build up inside the pipe over time.
  • The drain has a bend (We call it a banana). This can because the earth moving to cause the drain to bend. We can spot this issue when our camera hits the water and becomes clear further in the drain. This means that water has been collected at a low point in the pipe.
Step in Drain Camera Inspection
  • Open the sewer to pass the camera through the drain.
  • Use the camera to complete a visual check of the drains.
  • Put the plumbing back into position (close cleaning out or repair the drain opening) after the inspection.
  • Create a report with the results.
  • Provide a USB or digital file of the recording.
Drain Camera Inspection FAQs
  • How Much Does a Sewer Scope Cost?

    A drain inspection cost can range between $300 to $1,200. The price you pay depends on the length and diameter of your plumbing, the reason for the inspection, and whether you have requested additional services from the plumber.

  • How Far Will the Drain Camera Inspection Go?

    The camera can only go between 100 to 300 feet, depending on the camera's size or drain. The plumber will determine the best camera for the inspection.

  • What Can I Expect from the Sewer Video Inspection?

    Although the video's quality could be high, you may not be able to identify what you see. Ask your plumber to walk you through the inspection and show you what they find.

  • Can I Rent a Sewer Camera?

    If you rent a sewer camera, you will pay between $100 to $250 per day. Many homeowners decide to hire a certified plumber for an investment of $300 to $400.

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